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Electronic to Business
e2B is an electronic business engine designed for various applications. Fully compliant with G.A.A.P. with Advanced Managerial Accounting Capabilities.
Brief Product Overview:
Structure of e2B Structure of e2B
e2B uses a standard Accounting Structure in which the heart of the system is the General Ledger. With unlimited Subsidiary Accounts and Accounts, this will be the answer to the growing business needs for today and tomorrow. Additionally, with its integrated design, redundant transactions are avoided. All-in-one system is now possible.
Features Embedded Features Embedded
e2B is the most advanced, integrated, scalable, automated, flexible, enterprised, business solution. It’s so flexible, even future business needs are anticipated to prevent obsolescence for their upcoming management's needs. We protect ones information/data with highest security. Data like, text, graphics, or combination are addressed.
e2B Security e2B Security
e2B is equipped with a highly sophisticated security mechanism making unauthorized access into your data impossible. With its Data Encryption feature, any access to the data are well secured. Access to data is closely monitored and traced. Our primary concern is to protect all your information with utmost confidentiality.
Benefits for you Benefits for you
e2B provides solutions to minimize the Cost of implementing various systems, Maintenance, and Workforce. With its Data Migration ability, switching from your existing system to e2B can be done with absolute care. Enhanced by its various input and output methods, entering and retrieving information has never been this easy.

Electronic Document
e-doc replaces paper-based documents into electronic form while providing the functionalities of paper such as writable, workable, routable, shareable, and more…
Brief Product Overview:
What is e-doc? What is
e-doc is a system that allows a user to easily design and control his printed page and form. This design serves as a setup that accepts his computer output as an input.
Is e-doc Secured? Is e-doc Secured?
e-doc is equipped with state of the art security mechanism to protect your documents against unauthorized access up to your PC. Our goal is to protect all your documents with utmost confidentiality.
Waht's the Catch? What's the Catch?
Due to the high cost of storage and paper, e-doc was born out of necessity. Especially for companies engaged in high volume document printing. Since our solution is ready, this might be our opportunity to serve.

e2B's Asset Management System helps you keep track on every item in your organization. This simplifies the process of identifying, locating, and tracking all items, from the simpliest paper-clip to office equipment to everything that goes in or out of your organization.
Brief Product Overview:
What is e-doc? Asset Management System
DASC's Asset Management System helps you track all assets entered and tag them chronologically. This can determine when an asset has been purchased, the asset's status, etc. providing a more organized and efficient system. Not only you can keep track of your assets, but also keep track of records of Vendors and Manufacturers contact information enabling you to make wise purchase decisions. Furthermore, it can identify trends in asset usage and replacement, which can lead to more efficient and pro-active item acquiring, purchasing, return, disposal and documentation.
Waht's the Catch? Inventory System
DASC's Inventory System gives you the complete control over the information you track. The system comes with common default fields that you can create unlimited details for fields, modify existing files, view data history, delete files or even recover deleted files to meet your every demand. Design a custom form to track the information about an item that your company requires, ensuring that everything you need is stored in a centralized database.