e-doc is equipped with state of the art security mechanism to protect your documents against unauthorized access up to your PC. Our goal is to protect all your documents with utmost confidentiality.
No Installation Required
Since e-doc is a 100% Web-based solution, there is absolutely no client-side software or plug-ins to install - ever! All you need is a browser and you're ready to go! It could never be as simple as that.
100% Web-Based
e-doc is accessible from any computer with a web browser, regardless of platform or operating system. As long as your computer has an Internet or intranet connection, you can simply connect to e-doc, log in and go ahead with your business.
Ready to Use
e-doc can be accessed from any computer with a web browser, regardless of platform or operating system. Use it via popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or any other web browsers and experience seamless interaction with the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Unlimited Users
e-doc can handle unlimited and multiple users at the same time. This allows data and resource information to be shared, while still maintaining a consistent performance level.
Platform Independent
e-doc is written in 100% pure Java™ making it fully compatible with any platform or operating system like Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, Unix, IBM AS, etc.
Enterprise Ready
e-doc is always ready to meet the demands and requirements of your company or firm. All your rules, procedures, workflow, entry forms, documents, and reports will be customized and tailored according to your specifications.
Micro Storage
With no ink and paper cost at all, you'll have the lowest storage cost. 20 Gigabytes (GB) of hard drive space can hold up to 1,000,000 (One Million) documents minimum!
Full Page Search
Using your keyword, e-doc's extensive search engine looks for matches of keyword(s) entered not only in titles, but also within the document.
Instant Response
e-doc has a very powerful search engine. Imagine searching for a single document among 1,000,000 of them. How long do you think it would take you to find it? Here's the catch, taking into consideration that a full page search is performed, e-doc can find it in less than two (2) seconds!
Various Technologies
e-doc can communicate with every available technology today, be it your SMS/MMS device, Notebook, PDA, fax machine, e-mail, or printer!
Advanced Functions
View your documents with e-doc View!, magnify up to 200% using e-doc Zoom!, send text messages to other e-doc users with your document as an attachment with e-doc Text!, and add permanent comments and complaints on your documents with e-doc Note!.
One for All
Documents can be shared among groups for analysis and clarifications. But then again for security and easy of access reasons, each user is limited to a task that the administrator grants him to do so.
Minimal Costs
Cost is reduced because workforce and maintenance fall down to a minimal. At the same time your efficiency increases thus in return, increases your productivity.
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