DA System
e2B is the most advanced, integrated, scalable, automated, flexible, enterprised, business solution. Itís so flexible, even future business needs are anticipated to prevent obsolescence for their upcoming management's needs. We protect ones information/data with highest security. Data like, text, graphics, or combination are addressed.
e2B Detail!
e2B gives you complete control over the information you track. The software comes with common default fields that you can add to, delete or modify to meet your environments need. This assures that all the data you need are stored in one centralized database.
e2B Data!
All data is closely monitored and tracked through history logging. This process helps in determining who and when the file was created, modified, deleted or recovered. All data are protected with utmost concern thus ensuring that any unauthorized access is virtually impossible.
e2B Images!
e2B's revolutionary zero redundancy feature guarantees that you get the most out of your storage device (ex. hard disk). Images are optimized and broken down into pieces so that no similar fragment of information are stored twice. This means that all data collected and stored in your storage device are completely unique from each other consequently reducing file size.
e2B Media!
When e2B transmits data via internet or LAN, it compresses it first. This will result in faster transmission. e2B Media! will then receive data via internet or LAN from e2B. Once received, e2B Media! processes and decompresses the data that will be ready to send to various outputs like; MMS, SMS, printer, fax, and e-mail.
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