e-doc is a system that allows a user to easily design and control his printed page and form. This design serves as a setup that accepts his computer output as an input.
The Usual Way
This section shows you the process Statements of Accounts go through before getting into a clients hands. The process is slow, cubersome, unreliable, and expensive.
Data Processing
Data is uploaded unto e-doc Form! instead of going through a printer. This makes your data available for the internet or local area network.
e-doc Form!
e-doc Form! processes the data uploaded to it then converts it to digital form. The output will always look and feel like the real thing because your specifications are always met.
Transfer to Database
Now that the data is digitized, it is now ready to be uploaded to your RDBMS Server.
Ready for Access
Once these data are uploaded to your RDBMS Server, it will be ready for access for any computer with internet or local area network connection.
e-doc Live!
Before accessible data can be viewed via your preferred browser, it will go through e-doc Live! It will be the one that handles various operations like embedding notes, zooming, viewing, etc.
Online Access
Data is accessible from any computer with a web browser, regardless of platform or operating system. As long as your computer has an Internet or intranet connection, you can simply connect to e-doc, log in and go ahead with your business.
Secured Access
Before a user can access his/her data, he/she must pass a series of security mechanisms to ensure his/her identity. For more details on this, please read e-doc's security section.
e-doc Zoom!
Statements of account can be zoomed-in in e-doc for further inspection and scrutiny. This is advantageous to people with visual flaws. The maximum magnification is 200% from the statement's original size.
Since e-doc is equipped with a versatile capability, it helps you check your data if it has corrections fast and accurately.
e-doc Note!
With the use of e-doc Note!, a client can permanently mark any of his statement of account. These marks can contain notes and complaints about the marked item. Unlike normal handwritten notes and corrections, e-doc Note! is permanent, thus no one can tamper with created notes.
e-doc Text!
With the help of e-doc Text!, a client can attach a statement of account (with notes on it) to a text message then send it electronically to a specified customer service personnel for verification or inquiries. This replaces the conventional process of remailing statements through postal services for corrections.
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