e-doc is equipped with state of the art security mechanism to protect your documents against unauthorized access up to your PC. Our goal is to protect all your documents with utmost confidentiality.
User Authentication
Users are required to use a log in name and password to access e-doc. They can change their passwords anytime they like once logged in successfully. After three failed log in attempts, the system will lock down on them and can no longer continue, thus unauthorized access is virtually impossible.
Secured Socket Layer
Data is scrambled and encrypted as it is uploaded to e-doc Live!. It goes through a Secured Socket Layer or SSL.
Comprehensive Audit Trail
Every user's activity, be it time he/she logged in, what he/she did, time he/she or logged out, etc. will be registered and monitored on a log file.
Time & Date Restriction
Users can be restricted to access e-doc System on a specified time and date.
Holiday Restriction
Users can be restricted to access e-doc System during holidays.
Machine Restriction
Any terminal or PC can be blocked by the system thus restricting users to use the blocked terminal to access e-doc System.
Multiple Users
e-doc System can accommodate multiple users such as Administrators, Managers, customer service personnel, users, clients, and guests all at the same time.
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