DA System
e2B uses a standard Accounting Structure in which the heart of the system is the General Ledger. With unlimited Subsidiary Accounts and Accounts, this will be the answer to the growing business needs for today and tomorrow. Additionally, with its integrated design, redundant transactions are avoided. All-in-one system is now possible.
The heart of our e2B system is the General Ledger system. We believe that all kinds of transactions are accountable. Some quite frustrating approach in using a system is the "fix-business-rules" and "fix-details" or simply - "everything is fixed". We should admit that the management always out-grows any system. This means that the management's need today is always more than any system they are using now. Our e2B system is fully aware of such demand. Try our e2B and you will understand how friendly and flexible a business system should be.
Standalone System
Every office or branch is independent from other offices or branches which makes every unit unique under the same structure. Every office can perform its functions without interfering with other offices' functions and vise versa. Eventhough offices are independent from each other, they can communicate with each other.
Consolidated System
e2B uses a system which brings offices or branches together and unites them as one solid unit. Through this, your business' strength, stability, position, and depth of success are increased.
End Result
So overall, our e2B System together with your business can meet your every demands resulting to a very efficient and effective output that you and your business deserves to have.
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